Project 365 – an evaluation

So today marks the end of my year in the life of Project 365.

24th March 2008 was Easter Monday. 28th March 2009 is not – it’s just another random Tuesday.

This time last year I was tucking into some Easter eggs.
This time last year I was tucking into some Easter eggs.

For 365 days I have endeavoured to take one photo every day, although I will admit that sometimes I failed and ended up with a black square. Usually this was because I was immensely busy and occasionally it was because I was ill. That said, only 20 or so failures out of 365 ain’t half bad in my reckoning.

Today, being the project’s anniversary, should culminate in a fantastic photograph of some fireworks, balloons, rockets in the sky – something, anything to mark this momentous occasion. Sadly however, I am stuck in the pit of the MagLab and nothing quite so exciting kicks off in here. I do have a jumper monkey atop my desk though, so maybe that will make the cut. With approximately four hours left of the day there’s still hope though.

Some days inspiration was sadly lacking
Some days inspiration was sadly lacking

I’m struggling to contemplate the passing of a year, the time has gone so worryingly quickly and so much has happened in the space it has occupied that it’s all become a bit of a blur. In short however, I graduated, went on lots of day trips, started a postgraduate diploma, met a boy, discovered cheeseless pizzas, had a birthday and spent too much time in the MagLab . I’ve decided to carry on this project  until at least the end of 2009 – but here’s to a whole year, done and dusted.

To view the (almost) complete set view this page on Flickr.

 In the meantime I must apologise to my mother for never getting round to uploading my photos until weeks after I took them, for this I am eternally sorry and can only offer to try harder in the future.

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