Two thousand and eight and two thousand and nine

All the pictures from Project 365 in 2008
All the pictures from Project 365 in 2008


In 2008 I started a photography project called “One Photo A Day For A Year” (sometimes known as Project 365).


It’s pretty self-explanatory – you take a photo every day for a whole year. At first this seemed like it would be incredibly easy – I was a photography fiend.


And sure for the first couple of weeks, it was easy. I’d always have more than enough photos and I’d have the pain of choosing which one to use.


Then the novelty wore off. I found myself thinking at 11.30pm “Oh crap I haven’t taken a photo today, what can I do now?”


It’s all very well when you’re off on day-trips or you’re at least going somewhere other than the house, but when you’re a cash-poor student with looming deadlines, the most interesting part of your day becomes an unusually shaped crisp at tea-break time.


It was at moments like this I thought about giving up the project entirely, but I managed to stick through it, and now I find myself in 2009, 290 days in to the project and perhaps rather foolishly deciding to carry on with it until the end of 2009.


Having only missed about six or seven days since I first started the project way back in March I think I’ve done quite well. I’ve had some days I’d rather forget (hello illness week – Day 224-228) and days which I think I’ll remember forever (graduating, day trips to Bath, Bristol, Alton Towers, Peak District, Warwick Castle and of course, Barry Island, starting my new course and meeting various lovely people).


2009 marks the start of what is probably going to be a very scary period in my life. I’m finishing the course that I’ve come to love with a passion, and in six months time I might find myself leaving the city which I’ve come to know so well. Then again I might not, I just don’t know. That’s what makes 2009 so very scary and so very exciting at the same time.


Therefore, it seems foolish not to want to remember every single day of it, so carry on with the project I shall. What will the year bring? My friend Lottie pointed out that I might end up just taking tons of pictures of my bed after I crash out in it knackered at the end of yet another long day. That might happen, it might not, but I hope at least I have some laughs along the way.


Once again, I’m taking the time to say Happy New Year, and I hope you can join me for the journey.


To see all the pictures from Project 365 so far, visit; this page , or to just see 2009 in all it’s seven day glory click here .

In the meantime why not check out this lovely slideshow showing some of my favourite days of 2008… 🙂

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