Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!

Here we are, once again, in a shiny new year. I thought, in a bid to be a little bit different I would save my annual January 1st salutations until the 6th and everyone else has stopped doing it. So here we are:




As all good years should, mine started by being petrified by a bowl of flaming gin that some wiseacre decided would be a good idea to introduce to the party that I was at. Needless to say, I was not burned alive by said flameball, have lived to tell the (not very exciting) tale and am only the better for it.


It was after this incident that everybody got to discussing resolutions, and being either postgraduates or final year students, it inevitably turned into “I need to find a job this year. Oh crap.”


We’re all sick and tired of hearing about the recession I should think by now, but I can’t deny that I’m more than a little bit concerned about finding a writing job in the “current economic climate.” So far, my idea of solving this problem has to not think too much about it, drink cider and play Singstar. The only problem is, this attitude may eventually lead to homelessness, whereupon I hear cider is relatively easy to come by, but my Singstar days might be well and truly over. So a plan of action needs to be sorted out and fairly quickly!


If anyone’s got any tips for this, I’m ready and waiting to hear your advice.


And so, I’m now going to make another resolution, and this is the same resolution I had all last year, so we’ll see if it comes true, but I need to update this blog more.


Surprisingly, considering my lack of updating, a friend of mine, Alan came to little old me for advice on his new blog about his trip to Prague. If someone is looking to me for advice I better step up my game, so that’s what I intend to do in the future.


In the meantime, I’ve got a to-do list about a mile long and a jelly to eat.

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  • I’m not sure posting the same blog twice satisfies your resolution to blog more often? 😉

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