Save the environment: make Tesco “Natural Bags” for men

Why do they only make those hessian Tesco bags with nice little pictures of flowers and ladybirds on?

No-where near manly enough
No-where near manly enough

If you’re a man, how are you supposed to hold your head up high in the masculinity stakes walking around with one of those. It’s just not very cool is it. It’s probably bad enough that you’ve shown a weakness for saving the environment in the first place, but you’re never going to pull a chick at the checkout with ladybirds wandering across your holding equipment.

It’s strange that Tesco have let such a gap in the market exist, having conquered just about everything else. So my proposal is this:- make the hessian bag more manly. I’m not a man so I’m not 100% sure on how this will be acheived, but I’m thinking one of the following:

1. Dyed jet black hessian Bag

2. Hessian Bag emblazoned with the Hoff, preferably also with Kit.

3. One of the lovely ladies from Zoo/Nuts/Wank-Fodder Weekly with her baps out.

4. One giant (the size will also help the chap in question feel ultra-manly) hessian bag with a combination of all the above.

If Tesco finds this blog and does any of the above, I shall expect my royalties fee shortly.



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