That’s Entertainment via the Modfather Paul Weller


I don’t normally do reviews (and this won’t really be one either), but I thought I’d broaden my horizons and tell all of you, my lucky readers about an experience I had last night at the Cardiff International Arena.

Last week my housemate twisted my arm into going to see Paul Weller . I reluctantly agreed on the premiss that I’m a good friend and it’s something to do isn’t it. I’m not frightened to admit that I didn’t really know much about Paul before I went to see him (although I’m told by my housemate that several of her acquaintances had never even heard of him, so at least I’m not too far out of the loop). Having then listened to the first four songs of Weller’s greatest hits (three of which I already knew…) a grand total of three times over the past week, I don’t think I was really prepared for the gig.

I thought I’d turn the opportunity slightly on it’s head and use it to experiment with my camera, the beast , and see how it coped in a gig like situation. Having only had to contend with castles and other assorted daytripping phenomena, it might have proved quite a test for it.

Luckily for a lazy person like me, we had seats behind most of the crowd. This provided a good vantage point, and it worked well for my photographs which looked a lot cooler than they perhaps would have from the ground with beer flying around and my inability to keep still while standing up.

The Modfather had an extremely impressive set length, playing for more than two hours. He included some classics (which I knew) and judging from the warm reception around me (mostly middle aged men clinging on to the last ounce of coolness) more classics which I didn’t.

He also made use of nice lighting, which for a geek like me who likes to look at such things, was a bonus. It also made photography a lot easier. Instead of bumbling on further, I feel I should direct you to some photos of the event which will inevitably give you a much clearer picture of what all the craziness was about.

I don’t think I should be a music reviewer.

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