Stuck In The Middle With Google

Some Questions Can't Be Answered By Google
But do any of these questions matter? Doubtful.

Well you know, we all want to change the world…. Oh hang on, Google actually has.

Anthony Mayfield , another one of those heads of social media, but this time at iCrossing  pointed out this week in an online journalism lecture at Cardiff University that we are in the middle of a revolution.


Did you know?


Well, if you didn’t that’s alright because apparently people rarely know all this crazy stuff is going on, as with the printing press revolution in the sixteenth century. But thinking about it, it should have been as gobsmackingly obvious as the fact that the 10 o clock news is on at 10 o clock.


Why it should have been as gobsmackingly obvious as the fact that the 10 o clock news is on at 10 o clock…


With 1.4 billion users online, 400 million members of social network sites and 1 trillion web pages being tracked by Google every day (or so this iCrossing e-book told me) you can bet your bottom dollar that you’d have to go to the furthest reaches of the farthest corners of the world to come across somebody who hasn’t heard of it.


Google was originally going to be called BackRub , can you imagine that? I just BackRubbed David Beckham, I just BackRubbed Britney Spears, it doesn’t have the same ring to it does it? Google is not just a proper noun, it’s a verb, we’ve (probably) all Googled ourselves at some point.


Disappointingly, if you Google me , and this is my parents fault for bestowing me with such an SEO unfriendly name, I don’t come up first, and there’s so many others that tracking me down is problematic. Good for anti-stalking measures, perhaps bad for potential future job employers – they won’t be able to see how awesome I am immediately! Booooo!


Maybe that’s something to think about, make sure your children have SEO friendly names… wait a minute I’m wandering dangerously off kilter here and I should really get back to the original point…


Why it wasn’t gobsmackingly obvious…


Perhaps the reason it wasn’t obvious is because although we’ve all come to know and love Google in the past 10 years, describing the technology behind it or the reasoning why it’s overshadowed pretty much all its competitors is not particularly straightforward.


Google is the best because of something to do with using the data in a human manner, but don’t quote me or ask me more about it, because I don’t know that much about it. Again, Wikipedia can probably help you out more here if you’re bothered.


Some good news:


Anthony Mayfield says that Google loves blogs! Something to do with the human element of them, so we’re told, so if I finally master the art of good SEO (and unfortunately I think this might be a long way off) then logically this will mean that Google will eventually love me.


Let’s just hope it’s not too long coming….


*Picture courtesy of Mykl Roventine


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