“If you’ve got a bazooka, and people know you’ve got it … you’re not likely to take it out”.


That is a quote I found in this week’s Newsweek. I like it – mostly because I like the word bazooka, and also because it could be taken in a number of ways – and you’ll know if you’re a regular reader about my penchant for euphemisms and innuendo.

Do you know, I’ve ripped out the quote and I don’t even know which story it goes with – that’s how reckless I am these days, but I’d like to invite you to make up your own stories, the wilder the better.

The problem I see with the quote is that, if people know you’ve got a bazooka, yes, it’s right that you might not need to take it out, but if you never took it out – would people not forget about the said bazooka, and then one day you’d have to take it out just to remind everyone that you had one, and then all kinds of crazy stuff could go down. Do you have any problems with the quote?

In other questions today, Captain Cook – hero or villian? With that haircut how could he be anything other than a villian? Seriously, there’s no excuse for that is there?

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