This advert has been deemed the most offensive of all the year. Apparently this has the ability to cause distress to kiddies.

If that’s the case why don’t the parents have a nice chat with the kiddies and tell them this what happens to them if you put a cigarette in your mouth, and maybe some of the 8 year olds won’t take it up – or maybe they’ll just bypass the cigarettes and go straight on to the crack. What a cynical outlook on life!

This got me thinking about the kind of person who is likely to complain about advertising, what compels them to do it, do they have nothing better to do or is it a good thing, a kind of regulation from outside. Unfortunately, these complainers are, in all probablity, far outnumbered by the type of kill-joys who deemed the Quorn “touch my food, feel my fork” advert as a promotion of “bullying”. Oh dear. Luckily, the ASA saw sense and didn’t ban the advert.

Tomorrow I will be doing a round-up of some of the election media to come my way, in conjunction with my special election day blog on my main page! It’s a polling day blogging extravaganza!

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