Aliens, Fans and Alien-Fans

Today, or perhaps it was actually yesterday, I got to thinking about something which has always plagued me. Why is it that scientists who discover planets with ice/water decide that this means that there is definitely the possibility of alien life-forms having existed there?

Now I’m not a science boffin, but someone needs to explain to me what’s behind all this. Surely aliens are, alien? Do they need water? Do they need oxygen? Surely basing their needs on our own needs is a bit, well, naive? Or maybe I’m just missing out on something. If you know the answer to this question, then if you could let me know I’d surely be able sleep better. Thanks.

In other news, I know you will all be dying to know that the copy of Elle magazine sold for a whopping great £39 plus £20 p&p, netting me a profit of around £50. Yipee. I knew there was something to be said about sticking with capitalism and throwing out consumerism. I haven’t consumed that much this week, but I’ve still managed to capitalise on someone else’s uncontrollable spending desires. Yesss! (This is not a reference to the Austrian phone network, just in case you wondered).

All of that got me thinking about fans. Not the kind that blows air on you when it’s a bit hot, but the fanatics. What is about certain individuals, who are, after all, merely human, that would induce an otherwise sane individual to spend a whopping great £39 plus £20 p&p on a magazine, which, lets be honest, is not of the greatest quality and was not altogether different from that which was available in the shops. Having studied theories of fandom with the famous Matt Hills, I should probably know the answer to this, or have some sort of psychological profiling worked out on the kind of person that would do this, but having been over a while since I finished that module, it’s more-or-less gone out of my head. That was so worthwhile. In case you were wondering what the picture that illustrates this paragraph is, apparently it’s Andy Abrahams and his no.1 fan. Who’d have thought it.

So my last point, in order to live up to the title of this blog is: what would happen if aliens came to Earth? Would they become celebrities and would they gain themselves a new breed of fan – the alien-fan? You might say that people who believe they’re already out there, follow crop-circles and love a bit of Roswell are these people. We currently call them deluded or freaks – so what would happen if aliens actually did come to Earth? If you’ve got any theories on this, let Matt Hills know, he’d probably love to hear from you.

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